Rhythm Examples

Mouse SCN Neurons in a Cultured Slice

A movie of circadian rhythms of PER2::LUC bioluminescence recorded from mouse SCN neurons in a cultured slice over a period of seven days, showing that the cells oscillate with the same periods and similar phases, in a complex spatiotemporal pattern. This is a coronal slice of the ventral hypothalamus, including the bright bioluminescent left and right SCN, the third ventricle between them, and the optic chiasm below. This video was reproduced with permission from Welsh, D. K., J. S. Takahashi, and S. A. Kay. (2010). "Suprachiasmatic nucleus: cell autonomy and network properties."Annu Rev Physiol 72: 551-577.

To access this video, please go to: http://arjournals.annualreviews.org/r/WelshFigure5-Video