BioClock Studio at the Poster Session

Each year, BioClock Studio students participate in the Poster Session at the CCB's "From Cells to Clinic" Symposium. Students create a poster that details new projects that the BioClock Studio is pursuing, and reports data on the benefits of using the BioClock Studio's Educational Resources in undergrad couses. The poster session is a unique opportunity for BioClock Studio students and circadian biologists to hear from each other first-hand about the Studio's work. 


Ximei Ackerman presents the 2019 poster, on behalf of the Poster Team.
This poster included a draft of one of our Infographics.


L-to-RWaverly Tseng, Maria Villaon-Landeros and Adreanne Rivera present the 2017 Poster.
You can view and download the poster here!


L-to-R: Curie Kim and Thao Nguyen present the 2016 Poster.
You can view and download the poster here (this is a large file).