Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Left to Right: Katja Lamia, Dorothy Sears, Erica Schoeller, Stu Brody, Sonia Ancoli-Israel, David Welsh, Susan Golden, Satchin Panda, Michael McCarthy, Not pictured: Michael Gorman and Thijs Walbeek.

  • Sonia Ancoli-Israel

    Sonia Ancoli-Israel

    Sleep and circadian rhythms in chronic illness

  • Stu Brody

    Stu Brody

    Metabolism and circadian rhythms in Neurospora

  • Susan Golden

    Susan Golden

    Circadian rhythms in cyanobacteria

  • Michael Gorman

    Michael Gorman

    Photoperiodism in mammalian clocks

  • Katja Lamia

    Katja Lamia

    Circadian rhythms and metabolism in mammals

  • Michael McCarthy

    Michael McCarthy

    Circadian clock abnormalities in psychiatric disorders

  • Satchin Panda

    Satchin Panda

    Melanopsin-based circadian entrainment

  • Dorothy D. Sears

    Dorothy D. Sears

    Eating behaviors, obesity & chronic disease risk
  • David Welsh

    David Welsh

    Circadian rhythms in single mammalian cells

  • Thijs Walbeek

    Thijs Walbeek

    Department of Psychology. Appointed executive committee liaison member, lending a voice for trainees within the Center for Circadian Biology.