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What to Give

Current Gift

You may choose to make a Current Gift and provide vital financial support to the Center for Circadian Biology today. A Current Gift has an immediate impact on our work at the Center and helps us to sustain and expand vital programs, launch new research activities, and support student training and education initiatives. You may make a Current Gift of any amount and choose to make it one-time or on a regular (e.g., annual) basis. Some of our greatest needs that can be met with Current Gifts and help fulfill the Center's mission include:

  • Student travel fellowships: $3,000-$10,000
  • Student prizes for best poster/paper/thesis: $100-$1,000
  • Mini-grants for collaborative research: $5,000-$10,000
  • Recruiting fellowship for an outstanding graduate student or postdoc: $5,000
  • Sponsorship of Annual Center for Circadian Biology Symposium: $5,000-$25,000
  • Sponsorship of Distinguished Lecture Series: $3,000-$10,000

Endowed Gift

You may choose to establish an Endowed Gift to benefit the Center for Circadian Biology at UC San Diego. An Endowed Gift can be named in your honor or in honor of your loved one - to commemorate a family legacy or an important mentor in your life. Endowed Gifts tie together past, present, and future: they preserve the memory of important persons and inspire future generations through lasting financial support for the Center's mission.

The levels for endowed giving at UC San Diego range from $25,000 to $1M+ and depend upon the purpose and scope of your endowed gift. For example, you may choose to endow a Circadian Biology lecture with a gift of $25,000, a student scholarship or fellowship with a gift of $50,000, and a professorship with a gift of $500,000.

Endowed gifts can be made outright, as a multi-year pledge, or combined with your planned giving.

How to Give

To learn more about these giving opportunities or to make a gift, please contact:

Christopher Sickels
Senior Director of Development
(858) 246-5705

Martha Leon
Director of Development

Donations can be made by credit card at the following website:

Thank you for considering making a gift to support the Center for Circadian Biology at UC San Diego.
Every gift makes a difference!

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