Clockwatchers Journal Club

The "Clockwatchers" Journal Club was founded and organized by David Welsh, and is now coordinated through the CCB. The Clockwatchers group has met monthly since 2001, focusing on papers of interest in mammalian circadian rhythms. As of fall 2009, Clockwatchers focuses on both mammalian and non-mammalian papers. Everyone is encouraged to attend all sessions of interest.


During COVID this meeting is held virtually via Zoom. When the campus fully reopens they will resume in AP&M 2840 (Applied Physics and Mathematics), CCB Conference Room.

Upcoming Meetings

Clockwatchers meet every 3rd Thursday at 9am during the school year.

Volunteer to give a presentation at Clockwatchers by contacting Pattie Stoughton. You may present a paper from the current literature, or talk about your own recent research. This is a great forum to get helpful feedback when you are honing your job interview or assembling a manuscript for submission.