CCB Fall Workshop on Biological Timing

November 17, 2017

15th floor, Village West, Building 1, UCSD (2202 Scholars Dr North, La Jolla, CA 92093)

No registration required; check in for name badge at registration desk.

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Confirmed Speakers

Lisa Baik – Graduate Student, Holmes Lab, UC Irvine

Ruth Benca – Chair of Psychiatry, UC Irvine

Joel Heisler – Graduate Student, LiWang Lab, UC Merced

Ketema Paul – Associate Professor, UCLA

Antonio González Peña – Programmer Analyst, Knight Lab

Mark Perelis – Postdoc, Yeo Lab

Alessandra Porcu – Postdoc, Welsh Lab

Gabriele Sulli – Postdoc, Panda Lab, Salk

Karen Tonsfeldt – Postdoc, Mellon Lab

Lauren Whitehurst – Graduate Student, Mednick Lab, UC Riverside



Continental Breakfast

Session I: (9:00 am - 10:30 am)
Moderator: David Welsh

9:00 Antonio González Peña (Programmer Analyst, Knight Lab) – Sleep restriction and the human microbiome: A meta-analysis, tools and methods
9:30 Alessandra Porcu (Postdoc, Welsh Lab) – Photoperiod-induced neurotransmitter switching in the suprachiasmatic nucleus
10:00 Joel Heisler (Graduate Student, LiWang Lab, UC Merced) – Real-time ticking of a biological clock, assembled in a test tube

Session II: (10:45 am - 12:30 pm)
Moderator: Thijs Walbeek

10:45 Lauren Whitehurst (Graduate Student, Mednick Lab, UC Riverside) – Do psychostimulants enhance cognition in healthy adults?
11:15 Karen Tonsfeldt (Postdoc, Mellon Lab) – Exploring the effects of Bmal1 knockout on female fertility
11:45 Professional Development Panel – Dorothy Sears, Hanne Hoffmann, and Susan Cohen – Career advice and strategies for trainees

Session III: (1:30 pm - 2:45 pm)
Moderator: Sonia Ancoli-Israel
Opening remarks: Sandra Brown, Vice Chancellor for Research, UC San Diego

1:30 Ruth Benca (Chair of Psychiatry, UC Irvine) – Sleep, aging and neurodegenerative disorders
2:15 Gabriele Sulli (Postdoc, Panda Lab, Salk) – Targeting of the circadian clock: a new way to treat cancer

Session IV: (3:00 pm - 4:30 pm)
Moderator: Dorothy Sears

3:00 Ketema Paul (Associate Professor, UCLA) – Bmal1 in skeletal muscle regulates resistance to sleep loss
3:30 Mark Perelis (Postdoc, Yeo Lab) – Mechanisms of tissue-specific circadian gene expression in the pancreas
4:00 Lisa Baik (Graduate Student, Holmes Lab, UC Irvine) – Drosophila circadian clock entrainment by novel phototransduction pathways and subsequent modulation of light-evoked behaviors
4:30 - 6:00 Reception – Happy hour, appetizers, and networking!


Lodging Information

These are the three hotels that we usually use, along with information about how to receive the UCSD rate.  There is limited availability so book early if possible:

  • The La Jolla Shores Hotel ($149 + tax) is on the beach and provides free shuttle service to UCSD.  It's about a 10-minute drive.  Here's our contact (you should mention my name and say you're visiting UCSD): Suzy Clayton (La Jolla Shores Group Sales Manager), Direct phone: (858) 964-1972, Email:
  • The Estancia Hotel ($195 + $12 resort fee + tax) is 3 blocks from the fall workshop but a little pricier (and not on the beach!). You can use the link below to receive the UCSD discount and to make your reservation: For more information contact Manda Post (Estancia Senior Business & Leisure Travel Manager) Direct phone: (858) 964-6509, Email:
  • The Del Mar Inn Hotel ($109 + tax, aka Best Western Premier Hotel Del Mar) is more reasonably priced and also on the beach in Del Mar.  They provide limited hours of free shuttle service to UCSD but there is also a public bus route that's available.  It's about a 20-minute drive to UCSD.


Organizing Committee:

For additional information, please contact:

Pattie Stoughton
Center for Circadian Biology (CCB)
University of California, San Diego
Phone: (858) 534-4409

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