Recordings of talks are available to registered attendees. It's not too late to register to gain access. Most of our speakers have participated in sharing their talks, but the recordings will be available only until June 30, 2022.


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The aims of the conference are to:

  1. Provide participants with a comprehensive view of modern circadian biology.
  2. Exchange a broad spectrum of ideas and techniques in circadian biology.
  3. Promote interactions among the faculty and lab personnel of UC San Diego, Circadian Biology Center, the invited speakers, and other participants.
  4. Further acquaint the speakers, their groups, and other registrants with the depth and breadth of circadian biology research conducted at UC San Diego.

Confirmed Speakers

Gad Asher (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

John Brooks (Princeton University)

Joanna Chiu (UC Davis)

Chiara Cirelli (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Jason DeBruyne (Morehouse School of Medicine)

Karyn Esser (University of Florida, College of Medicine)

Samer Hattar (National Institute of Mental Health)

Girardin Jean-Louis (University of Miami, School of Medicine)

Alex Keene (Texas A&M University)

Ryan Logan (Boston University School of Medicine)

Michael McCarthy (UC San Diego)

Alessandra Porcu (UC San Diego)

Connie Phong (Stanford Medicine)

Benjamin Smarr (UC San Diego)

Jeff Swan (UC Santa Cruz)

Kristin Tessmar-Raible (University of Vienna)

Amir Zarrinpar (UC San Diego)



Meeting times are Pacific Standard Time

The virtual symposium will begin on Monday at 8:00am (PST) with 3 half-day sessions on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.


MONDAY - February 7, 2022

Theme: Diversity of Clock             (8:00am - 11:45am)


8:00 am


Welcome and opening remarks
Session Moderator

Amir Zarrinpar (Assistant Professor,
UC San Diego)


8:10 am


Kristin Tessmar-Raible (Professor,
University of Vienna)

Talk: Timing reproduction by the rhythms of
sun and moon


8:50 am



Joanna Chiu (Professor, UC Davis)

Talk: Metabolic regulation of circadian physiology


9:30 am


Connie Phong (Postdoc Fellow, Stanford

Talk: Temperature compensation versus
temperature scaling--a tale of two oscillators

 Break - (15 minutes)

 10:10am - 10:25am


10:25 am


Benjamin Smarr (Assistant Professor,
UC San Diego)

Talk: Chronobiology in the time of COVID

11:05 am

Jeff Swan (Sr. Graduate Student,
Carrie Partch lab, UC Santa Cruz)

Talk: Why is KaiC an ATPase? A deep dive
into mechanism and design principles of the
cyanobacterial oscillator

11:25 am

Alessandra Porcu (Postdoc, Davide Dulcis lab,
UC San Diego)

Talk: Seasonal changes in day length induce
multi-synaptic neurotransmitter switching to
regulate hypothalamic network activity and



 TUESDAY - February 8, 2022

 Theme: Performance & Physiology  (8:00am - 11:45pm)


8:00 am


Welcome and opening remarks
Session Moderator

Benjamin Smarr (Assistant Professor,
UC San Diego)


8:10 am


Gad Asher (Professor, Weizmann Institute
of Science, Israel)

Talk: Clock proteins and training modify
exercise capacity in a day-time dependent


8:50 am


 Karyn Esser (Professor, University of Florida)

Talk: Muscle clocks and systemic health


9:30 am

John Brooks
(Assistant Professor,
Princeton University)

Talk: The microbiota coordinates diurnal
rhythms in intestinal innate immunity with
the host circadian clock

Break - (15 minutes)

 10:10am - 10:25am


10:25 am

Amir Zarrinpar (Assistant Professor,
UC San Diego) 

Talk: Bacterial Bile Acid Biotransformations
and Their Relationship with Metabolism and
Circadian Rhythms


11:05 am


Samer Hattar (Senior Investigator, National
Institute of Mental Health)

Talk: Retinal and brain circuits driving several
light-mediated behaviors



 WEDNESDAY - February 9, 2022

 Theme: Sleep & Mood                   (8:00am - 12:25pm)


8:00 am


Welcome and opening remarks
Session Moderator

Dorothy Sears (Professor,
UC San Diego)


8:10 am


Chiara Cirelli (Professor, University of

Talk: Sleep and synaptic homeostasis


8:50 am


Jason DeBruyne (Professor, Morehouse 
School of Medicine)

Talk: Asking “little angels” to demystify how
the brain regulates sleep


9:30 am


Ryan Logan (Associate Professor, Boston
University School of Medicine)

Talk: Novel sleep and circadian mechanisms
linking humans and rodents in opioid addiction

 Break - (15 minutes)

 10:10am - 10:25am


10:25 am


Alex Keene (Professor, Texas A&M University)

Talk: The evolution of sleep loss in Mexican


11:05 am

Michael McCarthy (Associate Professor,
UC San Diego)

Talk: Circadian rhythms in bipolar disorder
patient-derived neurons and molecular
mechanisms of lithium response


11:45 am

Girardin Jean-Louis
University of Miami, School of Medicine)

Talk: Improving sleep & circadian health to
promote cardiovascular and brain health via
stakeholder engagement 


Registration is open!


$40 - Regular (virtual event fee)
$25 - Student / Postdoc (virtual event fee)


Speakers and Network Award recipients who have been notified of an award: do not use the link below or pay for registration. We will send you a link.

All others: register using the link above, choosing the regular registration fee if you are not an enrolled student or postodc, regardless of your academic or industry affiliation.

If you genuinely cannot pay a registration fee, use this link. You will be placed on a standby list for available space once paid registrants are counted. You will be notified about your possible admittance by February 6th.


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The 12th Annual Symposium, hosted by the Center for Circadian Biology (CCB), at UC San Diego, Bringing together over 150 attendees for this 3-day event.

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